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Other Services Includes :

-Career / Course counseling

We provide an assessment of yours skills and interests to help you choose the right course and career path based on your interests, qualifications, future career goals.

-University/college Selection

We assist you in choosing the right university/ college that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

-Admission guidance

We help you to navigate the admission process by providing information on application forms, deadlines, and required documents.Getting admission to a university requires a well-prepared application pack, which can be overwhelming for you. At our consultancy, we provide assistance in organizing and preparing the application, ensuring that all necessary documents are included, thereby improving the chances of securing admission. Additionally, many universities offer scholarships based on specific eligibility criteria, and we help our clients to identify and apply for such opportunities.

-Visa Application Assistance

We guide you with your visa application process, including providing information on necessary documents, procedures, and regulations.


-Medical booking assistance for Visa application

We help you book medical assessments in the countries where you will be studying.


-Pre- Departure briefing

At IPS, we understand that moving to a new country can be daunting. To ease your concerns, we offer pre-departure sessions where we provide comprehensive information about your destination country, including its culture, people, essential documents, and necessary items to bring along. Our goal is to equip you with helpful tips and advice that will ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay in a foreign country.

-Post-arrival support

We offer support after your arrive in your study destination, such as pick up from airport if required, cultural adaptation, and other services to help you settle in.

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